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We have found that rivers are like people and each has a unique character and personality. We invite you to explore with James Henry River Journeys, the pristine quality of Alaska's rivers: the magnificence of the Tatshenshini-Alsek Rivers; and the and the sublimity of the ANWR's Marsh Fork of the Canning. In the lower 48, you may experience the luxuriance of Oregon's Rogue and the playfulness of California's Klamath.

Although river trips are extraordinary in their own right, we've found that adding Special Trips provides an enriching dimension to your journey. Since the inception of our company we have spiced our trips with an eclectic cast of naturalists, anthropologists, musicians, poets, and winemakers who along with our river guides love sharing their passions with trip participants.

Adventure: Since our goal is to help you make your dreams a reality, we offer a broad range of rivers to float and natural landscapes to explore. In our repertoire of distinctive journeys, we have the right experience waiting for you— a destination and special event that will delight you, challenge you, and provide an entree into a world that you might not have believed existed. When you truly immerse yourself in this new adventure, the possibilites for participation and enrichment are endless. There are many aspects to our journeys and we encourage you to become as involved as you like. The informal, relaxing pace and supportive atmosphere of our trips creates the space for individual discovery, personal transformation, and group sharing.

Experiential Learning: We are one of the pioneers of hands-on outdoor learning. Our acclaimed natural-history and interpretive arts/ humanities programs has been offered by some of the most prestigious universities and museums in this country. Adventure and learning is a winning combination.

Eco-tourism: James Henry River Journeys/Wilderness Journeys has been offering culturally and ecologically sensitive rivertrips since its inception. We will remain dedicated to providing our participants a pathway toward understanding and appreciating the issues at stake in the environmental arena. We thank all of you who have joined the quest to protect what is naturally beautiful.

Camaraderie: Our clients are discerning, inquisitive, fun-loving individuals who blend well with the exuberance, warmth, and good humor of our guides. This shared rapture is contagious. The resulting ambience is often a highlight of the trip.

Our past participants have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and everyone keeps coming back and bringing their friends. We have a long list of satisfied patrons and are happy to refer you to a participant who has been to the destination you're considering.

We hope you can join us in the new year for a celebration of “Rivers and Mountains Without End!”

Jimmy Katz & the staff of JHRJ

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