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The Siskiyou Romp

Rogue River
Paddlerafting and Inflatable Kayaking on
Our Most Enchanting River

Oregon’s Rogue River is one of the great rafting rivers of the American West. We call it our most enchanting haunt: a beautiful and luxuriant river that offers whitewater enthusiasts a remarkably pristine wilderness rafting experience as it winds through the richly forested Siskiyou Mountains of southern Oregon, alternating quiet swimmable stretches with percolating chasms of whitewater.

As rivers go, it's like home to us-- a comforting, nurturing, intimate place. Whether it's the abundance of wildlife, its verdant fir and madrone forests filled with the sweet scent of blooming azaleas, the serenity of our campsites, or the frolicksome nature of its rapids, the "Wild and Scenic" Rogue offers something for everyone.


 "River-running trips come in all styles, streamlined to Sybaritic. Here's a paddle-raft excursion on southern Oregon's Rogue River that provides a little Mozart and Bach played by a chamber music trio, wine tastings in the evenings, and memorable dining. Plus a good amount of bird-watching, historic sites, exhilarating rapids, and side-stream swimming."

--Lynn Ferrin, Via Magazine
Rogue River

Bigfoot Country
The Klamath
Paddlerafting and Inflatable Kayaking
on Our Most Playful
Family-Oriented River

The Klamath is one of California's most exquisite rivers. Cutting through a stunning, precipitous canyon of conifers and rushing crystalline side creeks and waterfalls, this jaunty river drops, cavorts, and glides through casual riffles, restful pools, and bouncy rapids that require the deft maneuvering of paddleboats and inflatable kayaks.

The Klamath supports a rich diversity of wildlife including blue heron, osprey, bald eagle, river otter, deer, and black bear. The warm water, playful rapids, and lush side canyons, make this an ideal river experience for adventurers of all ages.

River otter on Klamath and Rogue Rivers, Oregon and California

 "I had the time of my life and can still feel the rapids.
Haven't put on my watch yet either.

I've got a new motto: Life is just something I do
between river trips."

--Terry Craig

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