Reservation Form for
James Katz's
Photography Workshops

1) Please note that you may scan this document and then e-mail this form to us at
Please do not put credit card info into the e-mail.
We can take your credit card information over the phone. Call (415) 868-0585.

2) You may also mail this form with a check for deposit or final payment payable to:
James Katz, P.O. Box 807, Bolinas, CA 94924

Applicant's Name(s):_____________________________________________________________________




Phone: (day) __________________ (eve)____________________ Phone: (cell) ____________________

E-mail address wk: _______________________________________________________________________

E-mail address hm:

Previous participant: Yes _____ No _____ Most recent workshop: ________________________________

Name of Workshop:______________________________________________

Workshop date:____________________ 2nd Choice Workshop Date: ____________________

No. in Party: Adult(s)_____ Ages:____ Youth(s)______ Ages: _____

Course Fee: $______________

Amount enclosed:__________________

I wish to charge the Deposit for the Trip on: Visa___ Mastercard___

Visa/Mastercard Card #:__________________________________________________________________

Exp. Date:__________ 3 No. code_back of card: _________ Billing Zip Code ____________

Signature: __________________________________________________________________

In Case of Emergency please notify:


Phone: (day) __________________ (eve)____________________ Phone: (cell) ____________________

Address:_______________________________________________ Relation: ________________________


Trip Cancellation and Travel Insurance

We ask that you pay special attention to the cancellation conditions and we strongly recommend that you purchase a Short-Term Insurance Policy covering property loss, injury or illness while on the workshop/tour and Trip Cancellation Insurance available from Wilderness Journeys at nominal rates. Trip Cancellation Insurance reimburses you for nonrefundable air and land costs should you have to cancel due to personal or family illness. James Katz Wilderness Journeys and Photography Workshops cannot assume any liability for participants who do not take out such insurance as mentioned above.

*Please note that if you are signing up for an extended workshop: (Tatshenshini-Alsek, Rogue, or Arches), full payment of trip cancellation and travel insurance is included in the trip deposit.  Please see the "About Our Trips" supplement for river trips and the Arches Detailed Trip Profile for the exact cost and details of this group discounted insurance on these longer workshops,  If you choose not to accept this insurance, the entire deposit will be credited toward the trip land cost.

___ I accept the trip cancellation and travel insurance as offered. Please refer to the specific Trip Itinerary/Profile ("Insurance") for the proper amount to add to the workshop fee.

___ I decline the trip cancellation and travel insurance as offered.

If you want to forward the course details to a friend - give us a call or mail us this form.

Any Questions? 1-800-786-1830 or (415) 868-0585 or

For Further Information: Please phone us or fill out and mail us the following form. We will send you a Trip Profile, which has detailed information concerning daily itineraries, leadership, trip qualifications, arrangements, reservations, waitlisting, cancellation and refunds, air travel, tier-pricing, cancelled trips, trip grading, covered expenses, age limits, insurance, and educational credit. Most of this material has been covered in the pages of this website.

Yes! I'd like more information! Please send me detailed Photography Courses:

Workshop: _________________________________________________

Workshop: _________________________________________________

Workshop: _________________________________________________

Workshop: _________________________________________________

Yes! I'd like to have someone in your office call me.


Phone: (Day)_______________________ (Eve) _________________________ (Cell) __________________________

Please list any folks who might enjoy receiving information about this workshop or other course offerings including river journeys:



Phone: (day)___________________(eve)__________________ (cell) ____________________




Phone: (day)___________________(eve)__________________ (cell) ____________________


How did you discover James Katz's Photo Workshops? _______________________________________________________________

For Booking Information Details please refer to the
Terms and Conditions

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